17th IFPE Congress
Mental Health equity around the globe:
contributions from the Psychiatric Epidemiology perspective

Welcome message from Prof Wulf Rössler

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the International Federation of Psychiatric Epidemiology, it is our great pleasure to invite you to the 17th IFPE Sao Paulo. This biennial congress is the most important meeting on psychiatric epidemiology, aiming to promote the spread of knowledge acquired by epidemiological and related research in these fields. Issues discussed at the IFPE are of utmost importance to guide public mental health strategic guidelines worldwide and new research to understand and prevent mental illnesses.

The WHO's comprehensive mental health action plan focuses international attention on long-neglected problems, and calls for a change in attitudes that perpetuate stigma and discrimination. Accordingly, in times of globalization, stigma and inequities become more apparent, and it is our job to aid in the reduction of these discrepancies.

The 17th IFPE Congress will have the theme "Mental health equity around the globe: contributions from the psychiatric epidemiology perspective". To further break the barriers of inequalities, the congress will be held for the first time in a Latin American country, the giant Brazil. Sao Paulo, it's megacity, is the continent's main cultural hub and surely will be an excellent place to heat up the discussion about epidemiology and disparities around the globe.

We look forward to welcoming you to Sao Paulo 2019.

17th International Congress of IFPE
April 8-10, 2019

São Paulo - Brazil

Centro de Convenções Rebouças